Nobile flora and Wind River Tree Logo

Noble Design Studio / WindRiver Trees uses plant life to optimize color, texture and style throughout the seasons. The staff at Noble Design Studio / WindRiver Trees is highly knowledgeable about ideal species for specific locations based on aspect, elevation, available moisture and solar exposure. Our recommendations come from a diverse palette of trees, shrubs and perennial plants as well as select species that consistently provide a dynamic visual effect, while being ideally suited to our unique climate.

As a tree farm and nursery, we provide the highest quality plant materials for our clients. Our trees are grown in spacious rows which provide for ample sun and uniform growth. When harvesting for replanting, we generously dig the trees to promote the best possible health and success rates of the planted material. Because our trees are grown locally, they adapt more quickly and perform better than trees imported from other areas of the country. Our Bristlecone Pines have consistently been rated the best